Medical: Empowering healthcare professionals around the world to deliver better healthcare to their patients

Everyday, we empower our professionals to do the job right with the latest technologies, monitoring tools, diagnostics intelligence, medical consumables and intuitive software. Medical aid and critical information can be dispatched efficiently and effectively to those who need them. Minute after critical minute.

Our team of experts and strategic partners, Medtron AG, Philips Healthcare, Sun Nuclear, Ashland Inc, Metrasens, are committed to help you to make a difference in the lives of your patients, wherever they are.

Our commitment to safety and compliance to standards of the ISO 13485: 2016 and Medical Devices Regulations, provided us the edge in providing medical solutions that servers the needs of our customers.


Security: Empowering security & mission critical stakeholders to better protect the key infrastructures and strategic assets

Everyday, we empower our mission critical security stakeholders to better protect people, key infrastructures & strategic assets. Latest threats and counter-measures technologies & critical information are put in place so that security is not compromised.

Our team of experts & strategic partners, Garrett – Metal Detection System, X-Ray Scanner, ICM Portal X-Ray, Tracerco Radiation Monitoring, Detectachem Explosive & Narcotics detection system are committed to boost our capabilities. No threat is beyond us.

Our commitment to better help protect our key infrastructures, strategic assets & people is no mean feat.