Connecting businesses and government agencies to the data highways
in the sky is a tall challenge

O’Connor’s has been enabling businesses and organisations to connect to data highways. Our mission is to keep earth stations and information gateways open for a massive volume of data traffic to stream through 24/7 and on demand. We accomplish this through innovative solutions in Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure, security, video and wireless applications – complete with disaster recovery programmes.

For over two decades, we have built our expertise in some of the most demanding environments to derive a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Today, our multinational satellite services client base – that includes broadcasters and telecommunications service providers in Myanmar, Vietnam and Bangladesh – is a testimony of our established presence in the industry.

Who connects businesses and governments to data highways in the sky?
We do.

Our dedicated engineers work round the clock to address issues in our clients’ telecommunications systems and swiftly act to minimise downtime and disruption to their businesses.  Together with our partners, we provide integrated regional support seamlessly across all geographical areas in ASEAN.